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The mattress is very soft my husband was very impressed how well the package was and how soft the mattress are my son had a very good sleep last night we still waiting for the frame to come to set up my little one bed. I also like to sleep at cooler temperatures, something that is not entirely applicable to memory foam mattresses; this mattress prevents that too-warm feeling. However, it is super comfy not too hard and not too soft or mushy (keep in mind that I am a 110 lb female). And since it was rolled up in a box it was so easy to get into my apartment. All i had to do was put the mattress on my frame and let it expand for the recommended hours. Once taken out, you can hear the mattress start decompressing. It was pretty neat to see it fully expand and within minutes, my daughter was jumping on the Casper mattress promo code.
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I have sat on the edge of the bed and have taken a nap on it and it is MUCH better than a cot, Casper mattress reviews or futon mattress. We loved the way it arrived “shrink wrapped” and placed it in the room on the frame before we unwrapped it. Foam is on both sides, so you can flip it over time. It has a nice plush cover to it. Fit and finish wise it is outstanding. No smell I really noticed nor did my daughter or wife notice any.

Has handles, and yep, it’s heavy. But I was able to toss it in my car since the UPS lady is afraid to drive down my long driveway, and lug it into the house myself. I used scissors to cut the outer bag rather than mess with trying to roll it down. Then I carefully cut the inner bag and it starts to unroll and inflate. After a couple of months I can honestly say this Casper mattress reports has made a ton of difference. I still overdo it and end up with a lot of pain but it heals and stops hurting after two or three nights sleep.

She says it’s soft and comfy. It came perfectly packaged in a box, wrapped in plastic, as soon as we unwrapped it and rolled it out it inflated. It wasn’t too heavy, and was easily transported by myself to her room. Mattress appears to be well conrtructed and preliminary sampling after a couple of hours offered promise of the comfort as advertised following the 48 hour redeployment period. It in no way resembles a Casper mattresses reviews you would expect to get at discount warehouses. Initially I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and am confident of future satisfaction. So that’s the only thing I think you need to be aware of. Slow and steady in cutting open that box.

Mine arrived late afternoon so I did not unpack until early the following morning and slept on it that first night. It appeared to be fully in shape: flat and firm, in an hour with no odor, but I left it in a room with windows open and turned it several times before making the bed up – just to be sure. It works so well for a shipped, rolled up mattress & I say that with confidence. I not only saved money on furniture delivery but I also got a very fluffy soft twin mattress for my baby boy to sleep on.