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That’s going to be nice when we decide to move. I’ve been on it for a couple weeks now I guess and it definitely provides the flat, sturdy surface required for the Tuft and Needle mattress reviews and I would assume other foam mattresses. A couple other things I really liked about this frame is the space allowed for storage underneath and the fact that the legs are recessed. The frame folds nicely, so I can also see it being easy to break down and move if needed. This frame has also been 100% silent since we started using it.
tuft and needle mattress
Then came the headboard/footboard/frame we bought on Overstock. So, I go to add the brackets for attaching the new headboard and the screws don’t fit. Just my luck. A trip to the hardware store and I’m ready to go again. The Sleep Master Platform requires M6 size screws to attach the brackets. With two big dogs (who love to cuddle and to be as close to as possible at all times) and an even bigger husband in the house, a regular couch in the living room was just kind of out of the question. We plan on using it until we move and potentially get a fancier/more permanent bed frame, and after that we’ll probably use it for guests in either a dedicated room or for a quick cot type set up.

This bed also comes with extra parts of you want to attach a head board which is awesome because it is a very plane frame. It also has ample room for under bed storage which is a plus. The legs seem to thin, but the only thing that looked promising was this was made out of steel. Even screwing them together I still was very unsure. I was even weary about climbing onto this bed frame thinking it would collapse under my weight. You can comfortably place luggage and other storage items underneath it just to give you an idea. I have only had this bed frame for about a week so any squeaking that has been a big complaint and con of this bed frame has yet to occur. One accident I made while purchasing this product was buying a box spring.

I love the storage space underneath, and I will probably add a bed skirt to hide the metal legs. I don’t personally need a headboard. One reason I selected this frame over similar styles is the solid Tuft and Needle mattress reviews support rather than springs. Reviews of products that have springs often mentioned squeaking or bending. We bought this frame, along with Tuft and Needle mattress and pillow covers, and I positioned the bed a few inches from the wall. The first night, the bugs couldn’t get to us. My boyfriend said that when he came to bed, he could almost see the bugs reaching their little arms out to get me from the wall, but they couldn’t. The entire thing is very sturdy. It isn’t the prettiest platform you can get, but just investing in a bed skirt makes it look very high quality, which in my opinion it is high quality.